Hide The Bodies from Shane Davis on Vimeo.



Hide the Bodies Film Credits

Directed by
Shane Davis

Produced by
Shane Davis

Executive Producers
Jay Bratcher

Written by
Shane Davis

Kyle Welch
Edited by
Anne LaBarbera 
Curtis Scott Woodings

Daine Vineyard as Vultuur
Jenna Mcgregor as JennaJuggz
Duane Anderson as Office Tucker
David Grooman - Zombie Gaahl
Alan Lauer - Power Trip Zombie
Alyssa Jolley - Power Trip Zombie

Kyle Welch - First AD
Shane Davis - Makeup/SFX
Nicci Grooman - Production Assistant
Osker Gonzalez - Production Assistant

Power Trip - Vultures
Cutting Losses - wits’ end
Kyle Welch - Title Track

Opening Title Design
Joshua Ryan

Special Thanks To
Erin Klarer - for makeup and blood
Daine Vineyard & Jenna Mcgregor - for allowing their house for the film location
Jay Bratcher - for loaning camera, sound, and gear.
Power Trip  - For playing the house show
Alamo Drafthouse & John Gross/Bloodshots

@DoingThingsProductions 2011