Films worked on
To Our Bright White Hearts - VFX artist/coordinator - Feature Film
Devils, Angels & Dating – 3D Artist - Animated short
Flight of Magic - Art Director / Lead Character Arist - Animated Short
Goliad Uprising - digital artist - Feature Film
Battleground – VFX Artist - Feature Film
Frame 137 – VFX Artist - Short Film
Gondoliers Dog - 3D Artist - Animated short film
Rack – 3D Modeler - Short Film
Case File: The Smell of Lorne - Digital Artist - Short Film

Video Game Titles worked on
Underworlds: Chapter 2 – iPhone RPG - Artist
Super Collider – iPhone Casual - QA/Design
Underworlds – iPhone RPG – Artist/Sound
Ashen Empires – MMORPG – Artist/Desgin/Sound
Dransik – MMORPG – Lead Designer/Art
Fireteam Reloaded –Shooter – QA
Turok - IT




Title: Executive Secretary of International Autodesk Animation Usergroup Association
Year: 2011
Company: AAUGA
 - Organize International Group
 - Create Bylaws for groups
 - Manage events and promotions
Title: Production Coordinator/3D Artist
Year: 2010
Company: Devils, Angels & Dating
 - Provided Budget and grant proposals.
 - Organizing production meetings and marketing opportunities.
- Creation of 3D Model when needed
Title: 3d Artist/Animator
Year: 2010
Company: CTG @ IBM
- Creation of 3D Animated Models of IBM Systems
- Modeling 3d Art with 3d Studio Max of Component Equipment
- Texture Edit within Adobe Photoshop
- Animation in vSpaceMaster.
Title: Art Director/Lead Character Modeler
Year: 2009
Company: Spiderwood Animations (Spiderwood Studios)
- Manage Art Department: Modeling , Off-site Artists, and Texture Artist. ( Team Size: 10-20 Artists)
- Setup and Organized Project Management Software
- Setup Website, Email, and FTP
- Lead Character Modeler - Characters, Props using 3ds Max, Mudbox, and Maya
Title: 3D Artist / Game Designer / TechOps
Year: 2006
Company: Pixel Mine Games
- Provided 3d art and animation for with 3d Studio Max and Adobe Photoshop
- Modeling, Rigging, and Stage Development – UV Texturing
- 2D GUI work created with Photoshop CS3
- Game & Level Design, and usecode scripting; Experience using in-house tools and editor.
- pen and paper design to in editor design deployment
- Experience in QA and bug fixing using Bug Tracker, and other in house tools.
- bug fixing in script design, and game balance issues
- Setup and Maintain Render farm with 3d Studio Max backburner
- Windows Server 2003 experience with database management
Title: 3D Artist
Year:  2005
Company: Crack Designs
- Provided 3d art models for Game Mod  
Title: QA Lead
Year: 2005
Company: NOKs Technologies
- Supervise small staff, prioritize and assign projects and track departmental progress
- Provide a filtered, clear communication path between developers and live team
- Submitting and full testing bugs, reporting effects on system and possible resolution. Via access to  -, and Bugzilla
  - Gauging System requirements for game application prior to release.  
Title: QA Tester
Year: 2005
Company: iBeta Qaulity Assurance
- Tested Alpha through Final Stages Build of Game Tap, and current builds of product.
- Tested software on a multitude of machines for hardware analysis
- Provided documentation and review of the product from a consumer’s perspective.
Title: Game Moderator/Onling Community PC Tech Support
Year: 2004
Company: Iron Will Games
- In-Game Support, bug reporting, bugs testing, public relations to the community.
- Provide Online-Forum based troubleshooting for pc-client issues, Along with general network communication, and network setup.
- Supporting the Community the fundamentals of understanding how the game client and network communicates and operates.
Software Knowledge:
Autodesk 3ds Max – Modeling, Rigging, Animation, Texturing, Lighting, Scripting
Autodesk Mudbox – Sculpting, Texturing
Pixelogic Zbrush - Sculpting
Adobe Photoshop – Graphic Design, Texturing  
Adobe After Effects - Post-Production, VFX
Autodesk Maya - Scene Layout, Review Animation
Perforce - Asset Management
Beyond Compare - code/script
Dropbox - File Management/File Backup
BugTracker - Bug/Ticket Management
BugZilla - Bug/Ticket Management